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Treat Recommendations

There is no "best" dog treat. But these are the ones that I find the most success with. Don't see this as complete list, or "must haves" but instead as a jumping off point to establish your treat hierarchy.

Please note; some of these treats are made with all-healthy ingredients, some are not. In this summary I am making no judgements based on the healthiness of any product, only on my experience of how effective they are in motivating your dog to train. They are all treats I feel comfortable feeding my dog but please read ingredient labels before using and speak to your vet if you have any concerns.

I choose treats that are either very small or easy to break up. Remember when treating your dog, a little goes a long way and I will routinely break treats up to a half pea size, especially for the less healthy treats eg. Wagg's & Adventuros.

**This page contains Amazon affiliate links** I never recommend products that I would not buy and use.

- Feelwells (also available direct)

- Liver

- Cheesy

- Coachies (also available at

- Bella & Bounce

- Holling's Fish Sprats (also available at Pets@Home)

- Waggs (also widely available in supermarkets & Pets@Home)

- Chicken & Cheese

- Lamb & Rice

- Chicken, Ham & Beef

- & the rest of the range

- Adventuros Nuggets (also available at Pets@Home)

- Pet Munchies (also available at

- Variety Pack

- Duck

- Chicken

I also incorporate human-food into my treats such as:

- Cheese

- Ham

- Cocktail sausages

- Boiled Chicken (no cooked bones!!)

- Tuna and other smelly fish

- Fruits according to preference (no grapes!!)

- Vegetables according to preference

- Baby Food eg. Ella's Kitchen pouches


A great treat pouch. My favourite, as always, the trust Dog Gone Good. Mix up a selection of treats in the bag (variety is the spice of life) and as long as you're wearing it you're ready to train.

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