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Included in all our 1-2-1 packages: Free anytime Whatsapp support.

worries between sessions? We're here for you.


Private Puppy School

Private puppy school is the best start for new puppies and works well on its own or in conjunction with a group puppy class. 

Due to it being 1-2-1 we can cover so much more in just four sessions than it is possible to cover in even six group classes, and we can make that work bespoke to your needs and your dog. 

Private puppy school will focus on the areas most important to you but can include: 

  • Sit/Stand/Down

  • Come when Called 

  • Park Manners

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Focus Exercises & Settle on Cue 

  • Wait and Stay (and the difference...)

  • Leave It & Take It

  • Positive Play 

  • Anti-Jumping Methods

  • Prevention of Resource Guarding

  • Socialisation & Doggie Manners

  • Communicating with your Dog

The package is 4 x 1-hour sessions, held at the owner's pace. If you are looking for general support this is usually the best option for young dogs.



Pre-Puppy Prep

+ Free Book

Getting a dog and nervous about those first two crucial weeks? 

- Choosing a dog (if applicable)

- Transporting your dog home

- Crate Training 

- The first few nights 

- Toilet training 

-  Socialisation & Habituation 

- Equiptment 

- Handling

- Feeding 

- Q&A 

You will also receive a free copy of "Easy Peasy Puppy Squeezy" for homework reading. 

The session is 1.5 hours and conducted on Zoom (or equivalent)  


Crash Courses

Crash Course: Recall

My recall crash course will have us working in the park doing a real time walk, discussing and implementing general strategies applicable to all dogs while also exploring your dogs motivations to inform a bespoke approach. 

We will meet for 1 x 45 minute walk and then again a week or two later for another 45 minute walk to discuss progress, finesse technique and troubleshoot. 

Package is 2 x 45 minute walks. You will need a treat pouch and long-line in preparation for the session. See my equipment recommendations here. You will also receive a print-out sheet outlining fundamental principles. 



Adult Dog Training

Bespoke behavioural coaching to help adult dogs. All packages are tailor-made to suit your dogs needs.

from £75ph

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